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Nice job Bob. Now, who's going to do the Neil Young song rankings?


Sugar Bear says:

"Bob can't get enough of Captain Fan-tas-tic."

Ah-Ha! I can tap myself on the shoulder (why would one do that?) I was right on the money with Someone Saved My Life Tonight in the predictions. It's pretty epic.


Jet -- I was thinking the same thing. I considered doing Neil, but it just feels like too massive a project. It'd look great on Confabulation.net!


I lost track. Where was "Grow Some Funk Of Your Own"?

Now rank the three versions of "Locomotion".


Hah -- "Grow Some Funk" would've made my list back in '76. "Bite Your Lip (Get Up and Dance)" probably would've been there, too.

As for "Locomotion," I would have to say:

1. Little Eva
2. Grand Funk
3. Kylie Minogue


Beautiful. Nice choice of #1.

But, c'mon, Bob: Where's "Susie (Dramas)," one of the fhonkay-est EJ tunes ever?

NOTHING from "Rock of the Westies"?

Mountain Mama

Thanks for the mention, Bob. Great job.


Awesome. Thanks for the musical tour (and lesson). Elton's great.


Where's Crododile Rock?
... and yes, I do read your lovely blog.

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